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music therapy

about the collaboration between
creative arts & family therapy

This integrative model weaves together the strengths and perspectives of several fields. A collaboration between family system's theories and creative arts and music therapy knowledge, along with early developmental theories,  experiential therapy models, body-mind and trauma research. Their alliance offers a broad understanding of the ways family dynamics and relationships are established, and the manner in which they impact individuals within the family. Each field contributes its unique perspectives of therapeutic interventions for promoting individual and family wellbeing and congruence.

Neuroscience research demonstrates the ways in which early life experiences impact and shape the brain. They influence our development including attachment styles, relationships, social skills and communication. Experiential interventions are used to bring to awareness the covert information which is easily accessed using the unique qualities of arts, music, and the connection of body and mind.

Family-based experiential interventions using creative arts translate neuroscientific knowledge into experiential therapeutic interventions, bringing about change, promoting awareness and healing.

Working in the context of the family involves promoting change in individuals as well as  the entire family. It aims to create individual and family changes, improving family relationships, communication, and establishing functional satisfying family dynamics. Working within a system's approach was found to improve therapeutic outcomes when working with children and families in numerous settings and confronting diverse individual and family issues.

The following workshops are designed for family therapists, psychologists, counselors, as well as music therapists and students who are interested in expanding their education - using creative arts and musical interventions with families!

The workshops offer theoretical background, practical skills and competencies for implementing family-based interventions using creative arts and music.

 2023 הכשרה
התנהגות קצה הקרחון
הרשמה: עפרה 052-864-1350

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