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creative arts in family therapy

Creative interventions in family therapy harness the experiential power of creative tools and arts to promote individual and family change and wellbeing. Creative Arts in Family Therapy (CRAFT) often complements verbal interventions. CRAFT integrates our natural creativity and playfulness with system theories. Neuroscience highlights the ways experiential components impact and shape the brain development, influencing multifold areas including early attunement and attachment, relationships, social skill, communication, and emotions. CRAFT translates the neuroscientific knowledge into interventions which can be used in family therapy. Creative tools engage families in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Creative techniques can be used for welcoming families into therapy as well as for closing sessions. They are powerful assessment tools for observing family interactions, relationships, and communication. CRAFT interventions help formulate the treatment goals and generate precise insights and awareness about the family reality and functioning. It offers opportunities for families to make new choices and implement 'here-and-now' changes.

CRAFT offers a wide selection of creative tools and arts which can be chosen to suit the therapists' unique style and the family's preferences and objectives. Each creative tool or art has a unique therapeutic significance. Experiential interventions include play and games, the use of an assortment of accessories, visual arts and art materials, music, songs, poetry, drama, movement and other experiential  interventions.

​Adapting creative interventions in clinical work does not require previous skills. Instead, it is based on the therapists' openness to new ideas and the family's natural playfulness. CRAFT interventions are suited for working with families with children, adolescents in a wide range of populations, as well as with couples, and address numerous family goals.

Specialized training for professionals, music therapists and students working with families!

Acquire professional expertise, theoretical knowledge, practical skills and

competencies for clinical application and evaluation using creative arts.

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