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Family-Based Music Therapy

Experiential Training for Music Therapists:

Ask about a single day workshop Introduction to Musical Interventions in Family Therapy,


Inquire about a 3-6 day continued education or workshops!


Expand your skills by adding an evidence-based approach!

Implement valuable cost-effective family experiences!

Develop your music therapy skills - by adding a family system's perspective for promoting individual and family wellbeing!

Family-Based Music Therapy


Is offered to Music Therapy Education systems; whether as part of intervention skills program, or for acquiring specialized proficiency - adding a family perspective.

Is offered to music therapists and music therapy students who wish to join a private 3-5 day workshop. Inquire about the next workshop at my studio!

The workshop teaches the basic elements and concepts of a family approach, functional and dysfunctional family processes, stages of development, and turning points.

​The workshop demonstrates family-based musical techniques suited for a variety of clinical populations, diverse settings and for multiple objectives including family communication, attunement, family roles and relationships, individuality and self-worth, parental leadership, family cooperation, expressing emotions, and more.

​The workshop emphasizes a "hands-on" practicing through experiential learning and family simulations. The workshop provides practical interventions, assessment techniques, and prepares participants to design specific, theoretically founded, family-based music therapy interventions.


​SUPERVISION - Following the workshop, ongoing individual and group supervision is offered, providing feedback from instructor and peers. It enables participants to assess, improve and develop their ability to use family-based music therapy techniques in their clinical work.

This workshop is specifically designed for music therapists and music therapy students who seek to expand their training toward working with families. Adding a family system's perspective in treatment offers a broad picture of the family processes. It highlights relationships, communication and coping. It helps understand the influence of the family on its members, and the impact of family processes, behavior and coping on individuals within the family.

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