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The family-based music therapy  model adds a family system's perspective in music therapy interventions. It offers a music therapists a broad picture of the family processes, highlighting relationships, communication, family functioning and coping.

There is growing evidence of the effectiveness of a family-based approach in treatment. It is associated with improved individual, parental and family functioning and wellbeing in diverse clinical settings. Systemic family intervention was found to be effective, cost-effective interventions, and is currently becoming a central treatment for families with children and adolescents with numerous difficulties including neglect, abuse, behavior, emotional, social problems and psychiatric conditions.


Family interventions aim to refocus attention to the obscure family problems rather than focus on the identified patient (IP). They underline the complementary influence of the family and its members, and the ways family processes impact individual and family behavior, relationships, communication and other family functions.

A family-based music therapy approach emphasizes the entire family unit. It contributes to clinical family assessment. It addresses individual and family objectives within the family context, utilizing the individual and family resources and strengths.

Family-based musical interventions are suited for a variety of clinical populations. They can be implemented in diverse settings and address multiple objectives. ​Interventions are designed to promote family communication, explore and implement developmentally appropriate family roles, support emotional communication, and enhance individuality and uniqueness. Additionally, family-based musical interventions aim to improve parental functioning by focusing on parental roles, attunement, setting boundaries, leadership, offering support and many other family goals.

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Specialized training are designed for professionals, music therapists and students working with families!

They offer professional expertise, theoretical knowledge, practical skills and

competencies for clinical application and evaluation using creative arts.

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