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Adding a Systemic \ Family Perspective to

Creative Arts Therapists' Clinical Work

Workshops and Experiential Training for
Expressive Arts Professionals and Students
Who wish to add a family & systemic perspective to  their clinical work and skills

This workshop is intended for Creative arts professionals who wish to expand their skills and knowledge in working with families of clients. The workshop is based on Virginia Satir's experiential family therapy model, based on positive and humanistic beliefs. It taps into strengths & resources, positive change and possibilities, a process which addresses internal and interactive elements and change.

The workshop provides theoretical foundations and hands-on creative interventions for children and their families. The workshop offrers therapists  effective and cost-effective family interventions, and practice a wide range of experiential techniques embracing diverse creative tools. This includes interventions using play and games, accessories, visual art and art materials, music, singing, musical instruments, poetry, family drama, psychodrama, dance and movement and more...

Therapists will learn to design theoretically founded creative interventions, specifically suited for the therapists' style, and the clients' needs and goals.

​You are invited to check out the one-day workshop: Introduction to C.R.A.F.T.


Inquire about a 3-6 day training,

find out more about the

Continued Education program for creative arts therapists at MATYA centers  מתי"א


C.R.A.F.T workshops are suited for:


Creative arts education systems - acquiring specialized proficiency for working with famlies.


MATYA centers, enhancing the clinical skills of therapists - integrating and adding an array of creative interventions focused on family interventions into their work.


Individuals in the field who wish to join a private workshop at my studio.


Adding a systemic\family perspective in a therapist's toolbox does not require family therapists' skills, just openness to new ideas, creative energy and a selection of tools and art equipment suited to your own style!

​SUPERVISION - Following the workshops, ongoing individual and group supervision is offered, providing feedback from instructor and peers, enabling participants to assess, process, improve and expand their ability to use creative arts in their clinical work with families.

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