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Creative Arts Interventions in Family Therapy

Workshops and Experiential Training for
Professionals and Students Working with Families:

​Experience a one day workshop – Introduction to Family-Based Creative Arts Intervention


Inquire about a 3-6 day continuing education and training program!

CRAFT Interventions in Family Therapy workshop:


Are suited for family therapy centers as a single workshop or as an ongoing training, adding CRAFT interventions to therapist's toolbox. The workshop offers a wide selection of CRAFT techniques designed to address diverse populations, settings and family issues.

Is offered to individuals in the field who wish to gain proficient skills using CRAFT interventions in family therapy. Join my next workshop at my studio!

Adding CRAFT intervention skills to a therapist's toolbox does not require any previous artistic training or skills, rather, an openness to new ideas, creative energy and a selection of musical instruments, art supplies and some props!

SUPERVISION - Following the workshops, ongoing individual and group supervision is offered, providing feedback from instructor and peers, enabling participants to assess, process, improve and expand their ability to use CRAFT interventions in their clinical work .

This workshop is intended for professionals working with couples and families: marital and family therapists, social workers, psychologists, psychotherapists and students in the field, who desire to add a selection of Creative Arts Family Therapy (CRAFT) interventions in their clinical work.


Creative arts becomes a potential space for free expression, not confined to aesthetic and expressional rules. Families can use any artistic activity, use instruments, write poetry, songs, sing and make any sounds, paint, draw, dance and act - without previous training.

The workshop provides theoretical knowledge and practical creative arts interventions for couples and families. Through CRAFT interventions families can explore issues such as family communication, attunement, mutuality and cooperation, parental leadership, intimacy, expressing emotions, family roles and relationships, coping and problem solving, and expressing individual voices in the family.

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